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Download this app to run it on your own server or localhost.


Requires a server running php 5.

Change the settings of this app in the config.php file:

  • set the url to the profile form
  • set a default profile
  • remove the "Pages" dropdown
  • set the allowed maximum pages to scan
  • hide the second or third column


After asking around on the forums I found out this feature was on their todo list for a long time and would not be implemented soon. So I made it myself.

Read this awesome article by Christian Heilmann on how to make a similar app like this: Building a hack using YQL, Flickr and the web – step by step


[Update 17-07-2012]
New Responsive layout with Bootstrap. Added ability to easily hide the second and third column

[Update 05-09-2011]
Centralised all app settings in config.php. New page dropdown in profile form. Option to set a default WordPress Forum Profile in config.php (removes profile form if set)

[Update 20-01-2011]
Reformatted the list items to reflect the changes made by Using localstorage to remember your profile

[Update 04-08-2010]
Ability to check recent activity on "Threads Started" and links to

[Update 31-07-2010]
Much faster Performance and some bug fixing